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Texas Takes Game Two Thriller; Game Three Open Thread

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Freshman shortstop CJ Hinojosa continued announcing his presence with authority, delivering a walk-off RBI single to take Game Two from Nebraska in the bottom of the ninth and send the reeling Huskers to 0-6. Texas improved to 5-1 and will go for the sweep of the old Big 12 rivals today at noon on LHN.

Reader Tim Irby snagged this fantastic shot of Erich Weiss throwing up the Horns as he scores the winning run.
Reader Tim Irby snagged this fantastic shot of Erich Weiss throwing up the Horns as he scores the winning run.
Tim Irby

Nebraska and Texas played an old school Nebraska-Texas game yesterday, with the Longhorns taking an exciting 4-3 victory at UFCU Disch Falk Field. With a 5-1 record, the Longhorns can take comfort in the fact that the only team to have beaten them this year--Sacramento State--has already found itself on SportsCenter. Set aside the fact that the Hornets' appearance on the World Wide Leader featured them brawling with UC-Riverside; they were on SportsCenter, and that's all that matters.

But that's neither here nor there; we just thought it was funny. Last night, Texas starter Dillon Peters had a nice six-inning, six-hit, two-run outing. Then Augie Garrido used six relievers. In three innings. Chad Hollingsworth was, hilariously, credited with the win for getting the final out in the ninth before Hinojosa's heroics. Which, of course, highlights the absurdity of the statistic of pitchers' wins and losses: Hollingsworth pitched to exactly one batter, got 1/27th of the game's outs, and yet is the "winning pitcher."

In any event, Nebraska out-hit Texas 10-8 as neither team managed to score more than a single run in any given inning. The Huskers never led, as they erased a 2-0 deficit with one in the fifth and another in the seventh, then tied it again at 3 in the eighth after Texas reclaimed the lead in the bottom of the seventh on a bases-loaded walk. Which brings us to the bottom of the ninth.

With one out in the inning, Erich Weiss stroked a first-pitch double to the gap in right-center. The Huskers intentionally walked Mark Payton to set up the double play, but Hinojosa made them pay with a single to center, scoring Weiss and clinching the victory and the series.

The other "big news" from Saturday's game was the first 2013 appearance of Cohl Walla, who came on as a pinch runner in the eighth. Baby steps.

Today's game is at noon, and there are a couple of interesting storylines. First, you have to feel for Nebraska; they have played well in the first two games aside from the five-run eighth inning they gave up Friday night. For them to walk out of Austin this weekend at 0-7 would be something of a punch in the gut in coach Darin Erstad's second year. (Cry us a river. Let's finish the job, Longhorns.)

Second, it would appear that Nathan Thornhill, who started on Saturday against Sacramento State but was relegated to Sunday this week, already finds himself fighting for his spot in the weekend rotation. If you saw our answers to Corn Nation's questions on Friday, you know that comes as something of a surprise to us. Nonetheless, Thornhill needs to be sharp today or Stanford may see a French-Peters-Hollingsworth rotation in Palo Alto.