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Daily Round Up: Monday, Feb. 25, 2013

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Texas is not soft.

"I think that there is, I would say, excitement more than pressure," Brown said. "Got 19 of 22 starters back. We have got a chance to get the program back to a top-level program. And with what's happening right now, keep it there.

"We had to go through a process here of getting it back, and I think we are headed back in the right direction and we have shown that over the last two years, and I think we'll see more progress this year," he added.

Mack Brown is optimistic about 2013. [ESPN]

Texas is not soft. [Dallas Morning News]

Around the Big 12

The Big 12 basketball coaching talent is extraordinary. [Big 12 Sports]

Ex-Bear Tarrance Galloway is avery smart, very level-headed guy. [YNN]

A Morgantown restaurant names a menu item in honor of Dana Holgorsen. [SB Nation]

Open Range

Alabama is the new Joneses. []

Did everyone get the memo? The Mountain West is not pleased with the NCAA. [CBS Sports]

The Miami case could be pivotal in the future of the NCAA. [SI]

How will the current lawsuits against the NCAA impact the organization's future? [Business of College Sports]

Things aren't looking good for Lance Armstrong. [WSJ]

Just another day in NCAA news. [SI

A Heisman trophy winner can take classes on campus and everyone acts normal. [CBS Sports] they know we still care.

Here's the future of Kyle Field. [San Antonio Express-News]

Is Johnny Football a 2%er? [Dallas Morning News]

Johnny Manziel's corporation just filed a trademark infringement lawsuit. [SI]

Only in Texas
Don't have an accident in Missouri City. [Texas Monthly]