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Daily Round Up: Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2013

Brown needs to fix a leaky defense.

Ricky Williams said he expects a feature back to emerge from a crowded, talented backfield in the Longhorns’ up-tempo offense that new offensive coordinator Major Applewhite is trying to install this spring. “I think they’re all good,” the 1998 Heisman Trophy winner said of Johnathan Gray, Malcolm Brown and Joe Bergeron. “With so many different people carrying the ball, it’s hard to stand out. I think the best one guy will take over the job.” [AAS]

Brown needs to fix a leaky defense. [Crystal Ball Run]

Texas football is just a creature of habit. [Barking Carnival]

Around the Big 12

The Sooners have a QB battle brewing. [ESPN]

The new Oklahoma coaching hires will help the Sooners expand their recruiting footprint. [NewsOK]

Texas has a great geography department, but we can't help you with this one. [The Smoking Musket]

Open Range

How will the new recruiting changes impact recruits? [NewsOK]

Will NCAA president Mark Emmert be looking for a new job soon? [CBS Sports] Why not just replace the NCAA altogether? [CBS Sports]

Former USC coach Pete Carroll thinks something needs to be done about that terrible NCAA. [CBS Sports]

The Big East needs a new name. [SB Nation]

Jerry Jones wants credit because the Cowboys will soooo win that Super Bowl soon. [CBS Sports]

Every spring football camp is the same. [SB Nation]

LSU and Alabama have offered eighth grader Dylan Moses. [CBS Sports] they know we still care.

And finally...

Why do people from Texas call it "barbecue" when it's not even pork?

Want to start an argument? This will help. [SB Nation]