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Texas Basketball Looks To Split Season Series With Oklahoma

After falling in Norman in January, the Longhorns will try to build some momentum down the closing stretch beginning with Wednesday evening's home tilt against the Sooners.


Oklahoma Sooners at Texas Longhorns

Wednesday, February 27th | 8:00 pm CT

Television: ESPN2

The last sliver of hope remaining for Texas in this miserable season is a miracle bid into the NCAA Tournament with a shocking run through the Big 12 Tournament. While there's simply not any reason to expect it at this point, the Longhorns still have four games left on the schedule to try to get hot.

In the first meeting in Norman, Texas was brutalized by OU forward Romero Osby, and the Longhorns' big men were brutalized by K-State's forwards in their last game on Saturday night. Texas needs more from its frontcourt tonight -- starting with Jonathan Holmes, who hasn't been the same player since returning from his wrist injury, and Connor Lammert, who was bullied around by the Wildcats last time out.

This one looks pretty straightforward to me. The Longhorns have been struggling mightily on the defensive end of the floor the past month, but if they can protect the paint and prevent easy scores at the rim like they were doing the first two months of the season, this is a game I think Texas wins. The offense is improving, and is just so much more dynamic with Kabongo running the show -- had this team combined solid-to-good offense with the stellar defense all season long, I expect we'd be a bubble team at worst, and likely a good bit better than that.

As it is, the regular season is lost in every regard but one: getting in as much of a groove as possible heading into the Big 12 Tournament. That's our March Madness this year.

In any event, not caring is not an option for me, so I'd might as well find a way to enjoy it. Starting with some optimism about tonight: Texas has a genuinely good night and holds off OU, 69-64.