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Vince Young scolds Texas quarterbacks for lack of extra work

There may not be an NFL future any more for VY, but he's trying to make his mark on the current 'Horns.

Kevork Djansezian

Longhorn legend Vince Young continues to make his presence felt with the current version of the Texas Longhorns, on Wednesday taking the quarterbacks to task for failing to put in extra work:

The report actually stemmed from another former Longhorn, local radio personality Rod Babers.

There is, of course, the famous story about Young asking teammates to put in extra workouts in order to beat Ohio State in 2005, so whatever his other faults as a quarterback, he can at least speak truly to the difference those extra reps make in the college game.

Such advice hasn't been a one-day deal either, as Young has been a fixture at practices and recruiting functions since returning to campus to take classes this spring. It's undoubtedly a good thing for the program and it's probably a good thing for Young as well.

Mack Brown said last week that his former quarterback was already making a difference with his current signal-caller:

Vince [Young] being here as helped him. He's had numerous conversations with Vince about leadership and moving forward. I've talked to him about those conversations.

Certainly a big part of leadership is demanding extra work from the wide receivers -- there's the other story about Colt McCoy having to pick up Brandon Collins every morning to go run through some passing drills.

With Marquise Goodwin missing so much time the last couple of years and the quarterbacks splitting so many reps, with no clear leader, there were plenty of opportunities to make excuses about why the chemistry wasn't ideal the last several years.

If David Ash and the other quarterbacks jockeying for position can't get on the same page with his receivers this spring and this fall, it will absolutely and unequivocally be on them, but most especially Ash.

Vince Young doesn't want it to come to making excuses after losses. Around the Texas football facilities, that still means something. There's a crystal football there to prove it.