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Daily Round Up: Thursday, Feb. 27, 2013

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Nick Saban isn't coming to save us.

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I love stability. I love continuity,” Dodds said in an interview with The Daily Texan. “If you have stability, you have continuity and you’ve got good people. It’s a formula that works. I think we’ve got that. If somebody tells me we need to change, I say, ‘Ok, but who should we hire? [Alabama head coach Nick] Saban? Well, Saban isn’t going to come here. [Daily Texan]

Texas plans to fix those tackling issues. [ESPN]

The LHN has growing pains. [Daily Texan]

The Al-Rashid Strength Complex is money well spent. [Texas Sports]

Around the Big 12

Even though our name is misleading, the conference is ok just as we are. [NewsOK]

Baylor may not get too far in the NCAA Tournament. [CBS Sports]

Art Briles has joined Twitter. [Our Daily Bears]

Spring Football

Five big questions for the Jayhawks. [KU Sports]

Here's everything you need to know about teh Horned Frogs this spring. [SB Nation]

There's another name in the brewing Sooner QB battle. [ESPN]

Open Range

The NCAA has authorized in-game tracking devices. [Yahoo Sports]

The Mountain West does an about-face on Boise's blue uniforms. [Yahoo Sports]

The NFL will use iPads to help test for concussions next season. [NY Times]

The toughest time in sports comes when the game is over. [SB Nation]

Alabama has great motivational posters in their weight room. [Crystal Ball Run] they know we still care.

Christine Michael is trying to reshape his image, [San Antonio Express-News] but then he overslept and missed two combine interviews. [SB Nation]

Johnny Football has a new handler. [SI]

The NCAA is watching Manziel's trademark lawsuit for possible violations. [Yahoo Sports]

Rick Reilly weighs in on A&M making money off Manziel's talents. [ESPN]

Some news you don't really need...

Twitter is worth 10 billion dollars. [WSJ]