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Daily Round Up: Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2013

LOIs are the only reason people still own fax machines.

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"Because we took more time and watched five videos of [each recruit], and not just the ones with the highlight films, we did a better job of going back and evaluating every step," Brown said. "I think we know these kids better than maybe we did the last couple of years."[ESPN]

There are some big questions heading into National Signing Day. [Barking Carnival]

ESPN's SEC Network could be good for the LHN. [AAS]

We all know what assume means... [Dallas Morning News]

Congrats to the former Longhorn players on the Baltimore Ravens. [Twitter]

Texas keeps making the news, and not in a good way. I do not like to open my Sunday Times and see this kind of article about my Alma mater. [NY Times]

Even though we are no longer a football school, we still have academics. [University of Texas]

We are tied for the number two spot with the Aggies for the Fulmer Cup. [SB Nation]

A kid with cancer has a message for the Texas athletic department. [KHOU]

Around the Big 12


Just FYI from OU Compliance.

The Big 12 is back! [Sporting News]

Is the conference really thinking future expansion? [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]

Kliff Kingsbury loves Lubbock. [Everything Lubbock]

Kansas State needs to find two key coaching replacements. [ESPN Big 12 Blog]

Is Oklahoma losing ground in recruiting? [ESPN]

Mack Brown feels Bob Stoops' pain. [ESPN]

The Pokes are signing another great kicker. [NewsOK]

The Mountaineers have four spots to fill in this year's recruiting class. [The Smoking Musket]

Gary Patterson is not a fan of Texas recruiting self-deportation. [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]

Charlie Weis has a good recruiting class. [KU Sports]

Was the overall report card of Big 12 recruiting classes? [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]

Kansas lost a basketball game at home. [Big 12 Conference]

Open Range

National Signing Day is the only day anyone cares about a fax machine. [SB Nation]

Does a recruiting class rank actually tell us anything? [SI] Why doesn't an elite recruiting class equal elite results? [SB Nation]

How has conference realignment impacted recruiting? [SB Nation]

Exactly who is in charge of the NCAA? [CBS Sports]

What was the most popular Super Bowl commercial, according to people that tweeted during the biggest NFL game of the year? [BlueFin]

Bobby Petrino has joined Twitter. [@CoachPetrino]

And speaking of Twitter...Huh Freeze would like you to tell on Nick Saban and Les Miles. [Dr. Saturday]

I'm sure Oregon's AD isn't happy about this. [Dr. Saturday]

A Calvin Klein model is giving up his modeling career to play football at SMU. [Dallas Morning News]

Les Miles tweets the Super Bowl. [SB Nation]

Lance Armstrong was just dropped into that doping culture, according to his lawyer. [USA Today]

Need an idea for a groom's cake? [Twitter]

Where in the world is Johnny Football this week? [Instagram, Busted Coverage]

And finally...

Do you know who invented the jump shot? [NCAA]