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Daily Round Up: Woo-Hoo! Recruiting Is Over for the 2013 Class!

The Longhorns signed 15 prospects on Wednesday in a class that ranks No. 23 on the team recruiting ranks. The average star ranking of the Texas signees is an impressive 3.6, which ranks ninth nationally overall. [Rivals]

Here's a rundown of the 2013 class. [Hookem]

Yippee! We got a five-star offensive lineman! [AAS]

Even though there are only 15 signees, Texas sits at No. 14 in the ESPN class rankings.

Is this the little class that could? [AAS]

Mack Brown isn't interested in eye candy. [Texas Monthly]

Open Range

In case you care...ESPN CFB Analyst Mike Bellotti walks you through the process of getting a signed letter of intent.

Here's a Big 12 conference recruiting wrap up. [ESPN Big 12 Blog]

What does National Signing Day mean for America? [EDSBS]

To understand the site’s all-out focus on ESPN, it is necessary to understand the role that ESPN plays in the world of sports journalism. There is, quite simply, nothing else like it in the world of media. The network generates huge profits for teams and leagues by buying up broadcast rights, but also thinks of itself as a journalistic institution that objectively covers the people responsible for its continued existence.

Why does Deadspin exist? [The Daily Beast]

There's a new way to recruit against the Aggies. [Texas Monthly]

Where in the world is Johnny Football today? [Twitpic]