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Daily Round Up: Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The defense is on a mission.

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"Understandably we will have lost trust from some people," UT defensive coordinator Manny Diaz said after a recent practice. "And we understand that. There's nothing we can do to regain that trust until next fall."

The defense is on a mission. [Houston Chronicle]

Post-season play for the men's basketball team may be unlikely. [AAS]

Tickets are on sale for the second and third round of the NCAA tournament in Austin. [Texas Sports]

Open Range

The Heisman Trophy Trust is cracking down this year. [CBS Sports]

The NCAA's new enforcement chief has a tough job. [CBS Sports]

A warrant names the money man behind the UNC investigation. [CBS Sports]

Fox is taking their shot at ESPN. [SI]

We can all relate to doing something really dumb. [CBS Sports]

Who were the most hated college basketball players the last 30 years? [Grantland]

Fabulous idea. The PAC 12 has moved their basketball tournament to Las Vegas. [Register-Guard]

Dandyism in college football is a hallowed tradition. [EDSBS]

Oh Bo, we've missed you so. [SI] they know we still care.

You thought we could go a day without any Johnny Football news? No.

ESPN interviews Johnny Manziel. [Texas Monthly]

Alabama's QB has absolutely no probelm with Manziel's online classes. [Dallas Morning News]

It is just not Kyle Field without the bats. [KBTX]

Meet some of the Aggie donors. [Good Bull Hunting]

Kevin Sumlin has written all his spring break postcards. [Good Bull Hunting]

We're from Texas

Another shameless family member plug. Here's another BBQ top places in Texas list. [Dallas Morning News]

And finally...

It is that time of year. Freshmen players attended the dining etiquette dinner. [Texas Sports]