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Report: Major Applewhite only staffer disciplined by Texas

While Bev Kearney and her lawyers did through Texas athletic department records, the San Antonio Express-News did some digging of their own.


Former women's track and field coach Bev Kearney and her lawyers are digging through Texas Longhorns athletic department files to find ammunition for her possible case, while the San Antonio Express-News found that new playcaller Major Applewhite is the only current or former member of the athletic department who has had disciplinary action taken against them from among the personnel files they obtained.

Following the revelation that Applewhite had engaged in a one-time, consensual affair with a trainer at the 2009 Fiesta Bowl, the San Antonio newspaper while a Texas Public Records Act request and went through the files of every current member of he athletic department, but found no reprimands outside of that handed down to Applewhite after he admitted his indiscretion.

The Express-News found that the records were not, however, complete:

Several staffers' files lacked performance reviews for multiple seasons. And there was no mention, for instance, of baseball coach Augie Garrido's 2009 suspension after a drunken driving arrest or of former soccer coach Chris Petrucelli's 2011 reassignment.

So what does it all mean? Well, it means that there were no paper files of discipline that Kearney and her lawyers could use to support their claims, but that doesn't mean that there weren't electronic reprimands issued for members of the athletic department. And it certainly doesn't mean that there wasn't anything covered up or ignored behind the scenes that never made it into the files.

While the discovery was good news for athletic director DeLoss Dodds and his department, this is hardly the end of the road for Kearney's potential lawsuit, so they will keep digging and Texas fans will keep waiting.