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Selection Sunday Open Thread

See which teams Texas won't be facing in the CBI opening round.


Rick Barnes and the Texas Longhorns basketball team wait nervously today, to see if DeLoss Dodds pulled some strings and scored UT an invite. Just kidding. But I can dream, damn it! It is the spring. It is pretty outside. It is time to smile, live, love, laugh. The tournament is one of the most fun times of the year for sports fans. We all throw money into a pool and watch every game with an incentive and a cause. I came in second place in my father's office bracket in 2003, competing against 30 or 40 grown men, and I was in fourth grade. It was true Cinderella story. There is really no method to the madness, it is magic. A self-proclaimed bracketologist and former attendee mid major basketball school, I have been enthralled with Madness Basketball ever since I was a little boy. Nothing like watching a 13 seed upset a 4 seed, knowing you called it!

As Texas fans, we still have items on the agenda to cheer for today. The Frank Erwin Center will host it's first basketball games of the year, with a four day session of first and second round games. Early predictions have Florida visiting ATX, and with their SEC tournament loss against Ole Miss (lead by former Texas Tech Red Raider and current SuperTroll Marshall Henderson,) we could be witness to some early tournament implosions. We also get to cheer against Oklahoma. The Sooners are on the bubble, with ESPN analysts divided on whether they are part of the last four in, or the first four out.

[Update 4:51 pm] OU still sucks!

Afterwards, turn on ESPN for their 30 for 30 on Jimmy V, Survive and Advance.

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And here is the full version of his famous ESPY speech.

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Who will be this year's disappointment? Who will be this year's Cinderella? Let the madness begin.