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Texas forward Jaylen Bond transferring

The 'Horns will be without one of their forwards in the CBI and moving forward.


The Texas Longhorns basketball team suffered some attrition in advance of the CBI contest on Wednesday against Houston when the school announced on Monday evening that sophomore forward Jaylen Bond will transfer and will not participate in the CBI.

Bond saw his minutes drop by nearly a third from his freshman to his sophomore season, in tern seeing his production take a correspond dip. Bond was 10th on the team in minutes played and averaged 2.8 points per game and 3.2 rebounds per contest in his second and final season with the Longhorns.

Injuries early in the season didn't help, but the primary issue for Bond was probably the addition of freshmen bigs Connor Lammert, Cameron Ridley, and Prince Ibeh, who all saw more substantial playing time even when Bond had recovered from his injuries, though Ibeh ended up averaging fewer minutes than Bond overall.

As for why Bond didn't stick around for the end of the season, he said in a statement that it was with the best interests of the team and his teammates in mind: