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Daily Round Up: Tuesday, March 19, 2013

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The professionals at work.

Spring break is over and now it gets serious. [ESPN]

What are Texas weakest and strongest positions? [ESPN]

Rick Barnes misses out on a big bonus [Daily Texan] and talks CBI. [Hook Em]

How did the Horns get to the CBI? [Hammer & Nails]

Jordan Spieth got a special membership to the PGA Tour. [PGA Tour]

Why do people continue to ask DeLoss Dodds the same question again and again and again? [Daily Texan]

Open Range

What are the toughest college coaching jobs in college football? [ESPN]

What can the college football playoff learn from March Madness? [SB Nation]

There is one big, gaping hole in the southern part of the U.S. This is just sad. [USA Today]

Penn State suspends their contract with Adidas over labor issues. [MSN Money]

The NFL is getting some pressure on the gay rights front. [NY Times]

The stat man has released his tournament bracket. [538 Blog]

There has been a Dan Beebe sighting. [A Jersey Guy]

Now this is a recruiting letter. [Instagram]

This is definitely an issue Republicans, Democrats and Independents can agree on. [The White House]

And finally...

Thoughts, prayers and condolences go to the Sooners. [NBC Sports]