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Julius Randle Decision: Top Prospect Chooses Between Texas, Kentucky, Kansas, Florida

An in depth scouting report of the elite forward on the eve of his college decision.

UPDATE: Randle commits to Kentucky.

The moment of truth has finally arrived for Julius Randle.

Texas, Kansas, Kentucky, Florida.

The consensus top-five national recruit has narrowed his list to those four schools, and on Wednesday afternoon at 12:15 pm CT, the player who Longhorns fans have been talking about for going on four years now will finally announce his decision live on ESPNU.

How big a deal is Julius Randle's recruitment? T.J. Ford may never be topped in terms of being the most important recruit to the Texas basketball program, but on the even of his commitment a case can be made that Randle is the most important recruit of Rick Barnes' coaching career.

And right now the consensus is that he won't be taking his talents to 6th Street.


Scouting Report

The first time you see Julius Randle on a basketball court, your instant reaction is that something must be wrong. Randle looks like a much older kid from the next division up wandered over to pick on his juniors for a little while.

Texas basketball fans have been talking about Randle for more than four years now because by the time he was 14 years old Randle had already developed into an incredible physical force. At 6-9, Randle has plenty of height to play around the rim, but it's his combination of power and athleticism that separate him from the pack. He's built like

Randle's ultimate ceiling is an All-Pro level, so let's