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Daily Round Up: Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Houston here we come.

Augie wired.

The CBI is all good. [Daily Texan]

We can hope for a few home games. [AAS]

Rick Barnes does not want to be in this situation again. [Dallas Morning News]

Bellmont no longer meets the Texas Standard. [Barking Carnival]

Around the Big 12

Yes, this is the team that keeps beating us year after year after year.

The Jayhawk basketball team has a high-tech secret S&C weapon. [Yahoo Sports]

Seven Big 12 women's basketball teams have been invited to the Big Dance. [Big 12 Sports]

The Big 12 leads the way in television money. [ESPN]

Open Range

What are the odds of someone picking a perfect bracket? [Yahoo Sports]

Nate Silver interview on the NCAA tournament bracket. [NY Times]

I'm looking at you, Jeff. This is for all the basketball stat geeks out there. [Harvard College Sports Collective Analysis]

Two of the NCAA's new recruiting rules have been suspended. [ESPN]

And finally...