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The Official "Texas Isn't Dancing But We Can Still Have Fun" Tourney Contest

Burnt Orange Nation is offering a tournament contest through Sign up and win a BON t-shirt!

J. Meric

Better late than never, we have finally has set up the Texas Isn't Dancing But We Can Still Have Fun pool for the Burnt Orange Nation readership. You've got just under 24 hours to get your bracket filled in, so better get rolling!

Winning prize: One Burnt Orange Nation t-shirt

To enter: Go to's Tournament Challenge page and create a bracket for the Burnt Orange Nation group. Password is 'Texas'.

When: Entries must be completed by noon (ET) on Thursday when the first games begin.

How many: Only one contest entry per person.

For more information feel free to visit the SB Nation Bracket Madness Kit.

Full contest rules: Click here to read the Official Rules of this contest.