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Daily Round Up: Thursday, March 21, 2013

And we're right back from the CBI.

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And we're right back from the CBI.Longhorn Road Trip has a preview of the Texas-UH game. [Longhorn Road Trip]

Every one of those guys has had their moments," Barnes said. "We’re looking for consistency from everyone. We haven’t gotten it from anyone. That’s the reason we need to continue to play. [AAS]

The CBI gives the Horns a chance to improve. [Daily Texan]

The kicking game is still working out the kinks. [ESPN]

"They show me crazy love. Coach [Stacy] Searels says he looks at his board and I'm the No. 1 lineman up there on the board," Knox said. "I just got done talking to Mack Brown on Facebook and he said he believes I'm the No. 1 lineman in the country.

"But with the fan base, it's like, do they even want me to be committed to them anymore?" [ESPN]

Stupid Texas fans are tweeting and annoying recruits. [ESPN]

Mark your calendar. The Orange-White game is March 30. [Texas Sports]

Around the Big 12

Does the entire state of Texas stink at collegiate basketball? [AAS]

The Mountaineers would like some scheduling help. [West Virginia Illustrated]

Open Range

At some point in the very near future, ESPN will own the collegiate sports world. [ESPN]

Minnesota lost money selling alcohol at football games. [SB Nation]

Still haven't filled out your bracket? [SB Nation] they know we still care

We love you, too, CuppyCup. [Photobucket]

And finally...

This was a sweet, sweet day.