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Daily Round Up: Tuesday. March 26, 2013

157 days.

"I'm really having fun," said Brown. "My buddies worry about me because people are more critical. You know, I've had everything bad said about me you can have. Really and truly, I have matured enough, it's not about me anymore, I really could care less. I don't care about a legacy; I don't care about a record. I want to help kids, I want to help football and I want to win all the games. That's all I want to do."

Mack Brown is not the least bit worried about your criticism because it is all about the kids. [SI]

Steve Edmond doesn't have much to say off the field. [Daily Texan]

More on all that hope and change over at DKR. [ESPN]

Manny Diaz would like Orangeblood's Chip Brown to stop trolling. [Coaching Search]

Get on with your life, people. The Aggies and the Cornhuskers meet and it is still about Texas. [San Antonio Express-News]

We can't even beat the Land Thieves in rowing. [Daily Texan]

Congrats to Longhorn swimmer Laura Sogar. [Daily Texan]

Governor Goodhair's regents are at it again. [Alcalde]

157 days and counting. [Time and Date]

Around the Big 12

Guess who came in at No. 2 in the most flag-happy conferences? [SB Nation]

The Frog's stadium renovation is impressive. [ESPN Big 12 Blog]

Meet Baylor signee Andrew Billings. [SB Nation]

Open Range

Even if the plaintiffs win O'Bannon, the Big 10 will not share money with college athletes. [SI]

ESPN owns Boise State football rights. [SB Nation]

The Sun Belt may get two new members. [CBS Sports]

In case you are keeping track of this stuff, here is the current state of the conference realignment chaos. [SB Nation]

African-American players don't need street cred for authenticity. [The Shadow League]