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Vince Young impresses Gil Brandt at Texas Pro Day

With improved footwork, the Texas legend earned some high praise on Tuesday.

Patrick McDermott

Although Texas legend Vince Young opted not to do interviews or work out for teams on Tuesday at the annual Texas Pro Day, he did participate in passing drills and was generally praised for his efforts.

NFL Draft expert Gil Brandt, the venerable former Vice President of player personnel with the Dallas Cowboys for nearly three decades, didn't hold back with his praise for Young's passing efforts:

Brandt was more effusive in his praise, saying Young "put on a show" and was "magnificent" passing the ball in the pocket and on the run. Brandt touted Young's accuracy; a few of Young's long tosses to Texas receiver Marquise Goodwin drew "oohs" and "aahs" from the crowd.

Even before Young's workout, one, uh, less nationally respected pundit weighed in on the side of Young once again getting a short in the NFL:

The Raiders have been linked to Young in recent weeks, though the legitimacy of those claims has been the subject of some speculation. Also, I promise to never embed another Skip Bayless tweet, ever again. I feel dirty. And cold. So very, very cold. VY retweeted it while I was working on this piece, so maybe that makes it okay. But not really.

In any case, it remains to be seen how much interest Young will generate from his efforts and he wasn't willing to share any details about possible interest from NFL teams on Tuesday, noting that he wasn't even supposed to be speaking with the media at all, perhaps at the request of his agent.