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Daily Round Up: Thursday, March 28, 2013

DeLoss Dodds was right about the Aggies.

Malcolm Brown is the projected starter at running back. [Dallas Morning News]

DeLoss Dodds is right about not playing the Aggies. [Dallas Morning News]

Bevo is a direct descendant of the cattle brought to the New World by Christopher Columbus. [Barking Carnival]

155 days. [Time and Date]

Big 12

Three Big 12 teams advance to the women's Sweet 16. [Big 12 Sports]

Kliff KIngsbury is no MIke Leach. [Red Raiders]

Kansas uses virtual reality to imposer their athletes performance. [KU Sports]

Open Range

Rumor has it that the Jerry Jones monument to himself is a virtual lock for the first college football playoff title game. [ESPN Big 12 Blog]

Where does all that NCAA tournament money go? [Business of College Sports]

College football coaches are hypocrites when it come to the new rule changes. [Sporting News]

And finally...

An ode to Manziel's twitter account. [SB Nation]