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Stanford Beats Texas 2-0, 7-2; Sunday Open Thread

Texas baseball was beaten on Friday by superior pitching from one of college baseball's best and they were out-bullpened and executed on Saturday. The Horns look to salvage one of three games on Sunday at 3 PM.

Photo courtesy of Tim Irby

Texas used two walks and a single to load the bases in the top of the first inning on Saturday and it looked like the Horns were going to take their first lead of the series with Mark Payton coming to the plate. Payton hit into your typical 4-6-3 triple play and the perfect summation of the game was had. Texas left 11 men on base including putting a runner in scoring position without producing damage in the first, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh innings. Stanford torched the Texas bullpen for five runs over three innings while the Cardinal bullpen gave up just two runs over the final six frames.

After two games it's quite clear that Stanford is the superior ball club to Texas this season. It's also clear that the gap that was a mile wide a year ago has been shrunken. Taking just a single game in Palo Alto would be a big step forward for a Texas team that needs something good to happen this week.

Thus it'll be Nathan Thornhill on the mound for Texas today at 3 PM. This will be your open thread.