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Daily Round Up: Monday, March 4

The defense kept it simple [AAS] and the receivers looked great. [AAS]

Huge congratulations to the Texas Swimming and Diving program. [Youtube]

Around the Big 12

"I think we’re starting to live up to the private reality that I discovered when I began the interviewing process. What I’ve found was that the schools were much more committed to one another than what was publicly believed."

Part of that commitment is the Big 12’s steadfastness on staying at 10 schools. In the face of much demand to expand, the Big 12 has stood firm. - Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby [NewsOK]

The Pokes have another QB derby going. [NewsOK]

Sooner QB BLake Bell isn't taking anything for granted. [NewsOK]

The Land Thieves added a defensive line coach [NewsOK] and a special teams/tight ends coach. [NewsOK]

Who will be the next elite Bear QB? [Our Daily Bears]

Why can't Mack Brown tweet like this? [Yahoo Sports]

Big congrats go out to ESPN's Big 12 blogger David Ubben. [ESPN Big 12 Blog]

Open Range

On average college football player is a tenth of a second slower when he leaves his college strength and conditioning program. [SB Nation]

Mark Mangino is back! [YSU Sports]

A writer at Stanford's student newspaper is offended by Johnny Football's online classes. [Dallas Morning News]