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Daily Round Up: Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Was the Stanford sweep a bad sign for Texas baseball? [AAS]

The LHN will be carrying a lot of baseball games. [ESPN]

You have been away from Austin too long if you remember this. [Texas Exes]

Around the Big 12

TCU has a QB battle this spring. [Purple Menace]

Who will replace Collin Klein? [ESPN Big 12 Blog]

The Bears need to shore up their defense for 2013. [Yahoo Sports]

Kansas LB Mulvane Tharp will not play his last season because of injuries. [Wichita Eagle]

There is no way Lubbock can ever be hip. Not gonna happen. Ever. [Deadpsin]

Open Range

The NCAA forced out an essential voice in March Madness. [Yahoo Sports]

The NCAA is a shame and disgrace. [NPR]

Give this coach an A+ for school support [Yahoo Sports] and this one kudos for playing beer pong. [Lost Lettermen]

There will be a lot dust in your office after you read this one. [ESPN] they know we still care.

Johnny Football's life is pure chaos. [SI]

Manziel drives a Mercedes-Benz. [Yahoo Sports]

What will Kevin Sumlin do with all that money? [Good Bull Hunting]

A story where the Land Thieves and Aggies play a prominent role. The History of Cheating In College Football Recruiting. [Barking Carnival]

And finally...

Ben Franklin knew the right question to ask every morning. [Good] Have a great day. :-)