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Daily Round Up: Wednesday, March 6, 2013

It's a good day when Scott Drew loses a game.

It is always a good day when we make Scott Drew an unhappy man. [AAS]

Did Texas squash Baylor's shot at the tournament? [Longhorn Road Trip]

Rick Barnes does not like it when you storm the court. [NewsOK]

Is Connor Brewer the designated backup? [ESPN]

There are still questions about the tight end. [ESPN]

Nothing but good wishes his way. Gary Johnson will be coming back to Austin for cosmetic surgery. [AAS]

Congrats to former Longhorn DB Jerry Gray on his nomination for the College Football Hall of Fame.. [ESPN Big 12 Blog]

The 1948 Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs. Texas. [Football Study Hall]

Around the Big 12

The Jayhawks are ready to dig out of the Big 12 football cellar. [Kansas City Star]

Things are all sunny and happy in Ft. Worth. [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]

Open Range

No matter what you think of him, Bobby Petrino is a great football mind. [SB Nation]

Need a football fix? Here's a look at next season's Thursday night college football schedule. [EDSBS]

NFL combine measurements are not a good future indicator of success. [Harvard Sports Analysis Collective]

California wants to legalize sports betting. [Sports Business Digest]

And finally...