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Daily Round Up: Thursday, March 7, 2013

DeLoss Dodds is one important guy.

What will the staff changes bring to Texas football? [Daily Texan]

Texas got their first home run of the year. [AAS]

Who are the most powerful people in college athletics? Guess who made the list. [SI]

Around the Big 12

Who would even want a job texting teenagers all day? [CBS Sports]

Baylor's 5th-year-seniors are taking command of the offensive line. [Waco Tribune]

Open Range

One play can change your life.

Is the NCAA's policy fair for athletes that want insurance against injuries? [NY Times]

Notre Dame wants to join the ACC right now. [ESPN]

Have there ever been this many upsets in college basketball? [Harvard Sports Analysis Collective]

When can we have our own custom designed burnt orange plaid? Oregon State has a new look [Twitpic] with some plaid thrown in. [OSU Beavers]

It is definitely the off-season...Who are the most powerful people in sports? [SI] And here's another list. [SI]

Who are the least powerful people in college football? [SB Nation]

Alabamans just being Alabamans. [CBS Sports]

Here are some new sports additions to The Devil's Dictionary. [Grantland]

This is why we love grandmas. [Deadspin] they know we still care.

The Aggies will market the hell out of Kevin Sumlin and then he will leave for a better job. [Good Bull Hunting]

Will other players follow Johnny Football's lead on trademark rights? [Business of College Sports]

We're from Texas

Ever heard of Crush, Texas? [Good Bull Hunting]

And finally...

As a Big 12 school located in a West Texas town that has never exactly been synonymous with modernity — you may argue that Leach’s brand of football, like Kingsbury’s, was cutting-edge, but I would counter by saying that his embrace of pirates was decidedly retro — I would not fault them if they utilized Kingsbury’s look as a method of rebranding the entire university, or as a way of competing for recruits and television viewers with the Whole Foods socialists over in Austin. [Grantland]