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Daily Round Up: Friday, March 8, 2013

Don't call him Ashley.

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“It feels good to know that you have the confidence of your coaches,” Ash said Tuesday. “I don’t want to disappoint them. I want to keep working, just try to get better every day and help my teammates get better.” [Dallas Morning News]

Offensive line injuries have stunted growth. [ESPN]

Practice video from March 7th. [Youtube]

Does VY deserve another chance? [ESPN]

Around the Big 12

Kliff Kingsbury will make his debut on national television. [Fox Sports]

The new coaches at Oklahoma like being the big dog on the block. [NewsOK]

Geno Smith left a big, gaping hole at QB. [WV Illustrated]

The Jayhawks are entering year two of the Weis five-year plan. [USA Today]

Open Range

There is a lot more to football brain injuries than just concussions. [SB Nation]

The NCAA panel has approved the targeting rule. [NCAA]

Time Warner is selling their magazine division, which includes Sports Illustrated. [NY Times] they know we still care.

The Aggies are right at home in the SEC. Meet Former Sooner DeMarcus Granger's (remember Demarcus?) younger brother. [Total Frat Move]

Perhaps Johnny Football will deign to show himself on campus next fall? [Fox Sports]

And finally...

The letter says it all. [Inside Texas]