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Daily Round Up: Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What do football coaches do all summer? [ESPN]

This whole BOR mess was just a case of bad communication. [Texas Monthly]

TM: On the floor of the Senate, Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst said that the board was engaging in the "character assassination" of President Powers, and at the Joint Oversight Committee, House Appropriations chair Jim Pitts said that the board was engaged in "witch hunt after witch hunt after witch hunt." And that doesn’t include specific amendments and bills that would affect funding and governance of the board.

Hall: I would say that I have a growing and expanding mea culpa in not appreciating their need for communication from the board. I get that now. I did not recognize our need to be over there and talking to them.

The Alcalde interviews UT grad and Texas Sen. Judith Zaffirini on the BOR. [Alcalde]

Big 12

Bob Stoops wants back on the national title train. [CBS Sports]

The NCAA is considering penalties for Iowa State. [CBS Sports]

Baylor's new stadium is turning heads. [Dallas Morning News]

West Virginia donates a portion of the spring game proceeds to a children's hospital. [Charleston Daily Mail]

Open Range

Jackie Robinson had a profound impact on America. [MLB]

How does the Riddell lawsuit impact future litigation? [Ruling Sports]

The NCAA is offended by Miami's attempt to get the case dismissed. [CBS Sports]

There is plenty of blame all around at Rutgers. [NY Times]

The University of Houston program is headed in the right direction. [CBS Sports]

A Jack Pardee retrospective. [Texas Monthly]