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Daily Round Up: Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It's not a rivalry any more.

Mack Brown thinks Texas is in a perfect spot. [ESPN]

"It's akin to learning to dance," Diaz said. "When the beat is slow it's easier. When the beat speeds up, it's a whole lot tougher." [Houston Chronicle]

The Texas Relays good news? The crime rate was down. [Daily Texan]

Among Texas universities, UT has the highest Klout score. [Daily Texan]

This is a darn good reason to have the Orange-White scrimmage on the same weekend as the Texas Relays. [Dallas Morning News]

It is not a rivalry any more. [Fox Sports]

Open Range

Mike Gundy seriously thought about leaving OSU for Tennessee. [CBS Sports]

This year's basketball tournament could have the most upsets ever. [NY Times]

NCAA president Mark Emmert has stated the obvious. [CBS Sports]

Miami will file a motion to have their case dismissed. [CBS Sports]

Western Kentucky is now a member of Conference USA. [ESPN]

In case you care. Here's the NCAA tournament social media buzz. [Business of College Sports]

In case you happened to have a media outage, Johnny Manziel is throwing out the first pitch at a Rangers game. [SB Nation]

And finally...

This should make the Aggies happy. No more Longhorn Network! [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]