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Kenny Vaccaro drafted 15th by the New Orleans Saints

The 'Horns are now tied with LSU for the most defensive backs in the NFL.


Texas Longhorns safety Kenny Vaccaro didn't have to wait too long in the Green Room at Radio City Music Hall on Thursday night to hear his name called in the 2013 NFL Draft, as the New Orleans Saints took him off the board with the 15th selection.

The Longhorns may not be able to beat the Sooners in the Cotton Bowl that often, but they do own a 10 to 4 advantage in first-round selections of defensive players since 2000 and is the 16th player to go in the first round in Mack Brown's 15 years in Austin.

The Saints currently have six other safeties on the roster, including two players in Roman Harper and Jim Leonhard who have been around the league for some time -- Sean Payton and his staff were looking for an infusion of young talent and Vaccaro brings it with his athleticism, toughness, and ability in coverage.

Here's the quick take from SBN's Saints blog:

Fate was on the side of the Saints, as teams ahead of them continued drafting tackles and guards, leaving quality defensive talent still on the board. Interesting, the Saints passed on both Shariff Floyd and Jarvis Jones. That should show you how much they value Vaccaro.

And the gain for the Saints is a loss for the Cowboys, who could well have taken the Texas safety with the

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