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Daily Round Up: Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cliff Gustafson deserves some recognition.

Breaking down the draft for Longhorns. [Barking Carnival]

The Texas baseball team is dead last in the Big 12. [Barking Carnival]

Coach Gus deserves his place in Texas baseball history. [AAS]

Geoff Ketchum has been thinking again. [Orangebloods]

We're from Texas

The fight for UT is far from over. [Texas Monthly]

For UT, the biggest issue facing the University is not the fate of Bill Powers. It is whether the current or future leadership of UT-Austin will be allowed to continue on the course it had set before the incumbent regents were appointed. UT-Austin spent three years and a lot of money developing a plan for the future known as the Committee of 125. But the Perry regents had their own agenda. Regents chair Gene Powell has said that he wants to add 5,000 students a year over the next four years, and he wants to cut tuition in half. It is impossible to run UT-Austin with tuition that is half of the current level. The regents also favor more online courses. More students and less rigorous courses is how you turn UT into a degree mill.

Amen. Keep UT the world class institution that it is. [Wake Up Longhorns]

Open Range

Was it fair for Trent Dilfer to trash Bob Stoop's offense? [NewsOK]

The story behind SI's story on Jason Collins. [SI]

This may have been the Big Tens worst NFL draft. [ESPN]

Jerry Jones has given Dallas fans VD. [Barking Carnival]

SI reviews ESPN and the NFL Network's draft coverage. [SI]

They are already talking 2014 draft? [SB Nation]

Ohio State is no.1 in a way-too-early 2013 college football preseason poll. [ESPN]

College are terminating their Adidas contracts over concerns about worker severance. [ESPN]

Meh. Here's the new logo for the college football playoff. [Twitterpic]

Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn wants to revoke sports leagues tax-exempt charity status. [Deadspin]

Yes Rex, no one saw this Tim Tebow debacle coming. [SB Nation]

Tebowing, 2013 style. [Happy Gilmore]

Sports news no one really cares about

Johnny Football and A.J. McCarron plan to vacation together [For The Win] and Good Bull Hunting has their itinerary. [Good Bull Hunting]

And finally...

Women do belong on the sideline and in the locker room. I would normally be angry at this kind of asinine remark, but then I considered the source.