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Daily Round Up: Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mack is back. Again.

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Mack is back! Really, it is true. [Dallas Morning News]

Kendall Sanders shouldn't fade away. [Daily Texan]

The Texas state Senate higher education committee wants to change the duties and responsibilities of a university regent. [Alcade]

Big 12

The Pokes defense was will be a little more aggressive this year. [NewsOK]

Was 2011 or 2012 better for the Horned Frogs? [ESPN BIg 12 Blog]

Sam Bradford hasn't forgotten the official Land Thief hand sign. [USA Today]

Open Range

I'm shocked. Auburn's national title tainted? [Roopstigo]

Mike Rice was fired because of public reaction, not because he was abusing players. [CBS Sports]

Are there more coaches like Rice in college basketball? [CBS Sports]

A short primer on bad coaches. [NY Times]

This is a not-so-flattering look at NCAA president Mark Emmert. [USA Today]

Louisville basketball player Kevin Ware is back home. [USA Today]

Condolences. Chuck Fairbanks died on Tuesday. [NewsOK]