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Daily Round Up: Friday, April 5, 2013

Crime seems to pay in the NCAA.

Mack Brown just might be right about this next season. [Houston Chronicle]

Those lofty goals aren't too far-fetched. [San Antonio Express-News]

Open Range

The NCAA and Auburn don't exactly pass the smell test.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the most horrible former college basketball coach of them all? [CBS Sports]

Miami wants the NCAA to dismiss their case. [SB Nation]

There are more accusations against Auburn [ESPN] but the NCAA is even a bigger mess than the War Eagle's program. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

Here's a timeline of Gene Chizik's alleged improprieties. [SB Nation]

Iowa's pink visitor's locker room is just begging for a lawsuit. [SB Nation]

Adding football to Boston's middle schools was a game-changer. [Boston Globe]

An athlete's diet matters. [ESPN]

Which college conference is the most patriotic? [SB Nation]

What if we had January Madness? [SB Nation]

What is a Reveille? [Good Bull Hunting]

And where is Johnny Football this week? [NBC Sports]

And finally...

"All diagrams lead to horizontal passes as being the most effective form of ball movement."

What former offensive coordinator might say this? If you don't know the answer you really have not paid attention to Texas football. [Wide Right Natty Light]