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Daily Round Up: Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Joe Jamail hates Aggies.

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Jim Delany on the new and improved Big Ten divisions.

The new recruiting rules show how disconnected the NCAA really is. [SI]

How is the state of the spread offense? [SB Nation]

If true, another very sad story about abusive behavior by a basketball coach. [USA Today]

A Duke basketball player got $100,00 worth of jewelry with a $30,000 down payment (while still in college), but the NCAA found absolutely nothing wrong with that at all. [News Observer]

Marketing isn't what it used to be for Tim Tebow. [ESPN]

Size really doesn't matter, it's what you put on the field. The Aggies want the biggest stadium EVER! [CBS Sports]

And finally...

Yes Aggies, it is all about you. [Texas Tribune]

"I've long thought that the small but vocal status quo/anti-reform forces at UT-Austin were motivated by profound elitism and deep paranoia and hatred of Aggies. Especially against the state's top elected Aggie who has worked hard to improve the infrastructure, effectiveness and economic impact of UT. This proves it."- Ray Sullivan, Perry's former chief of staff, on Wake Up Longhorns.