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Daily Round Up: Tuesday, May 14, 2013

We lost big, but we lost with honor.

In case you missed this... [SB Nation]

At least Texas lost with honor. [SB Nation]

Congratulations to Longhorn Justin Blalock. [MBTF]

It is all in the family. [Horns Illustrated]

Big 12

"I've got more important things to do than sit around and read what Bob Stoops has to say about anything" - Nick Saban [SB Nation]

Charlie Weis defends Bob Stoops. [SB Nation]

Stoops has issues that horrible, no good, unfair BCS. [SB Nation]

Open Range

Things aren't going well for Mark Emmert's reform agenda. [CBS Sports]

Here's a look at college football teams with the most takeaways. [Coaching Search]

Where does Boise State fit in the new college football landscape? [Idaho Statesman]

The NCAA is addicted to red tape. [Football Scoop]

Orb is ready for the Preakness this Saturday. [NBC Sports]

This is for the Oregon Duck fan that has everything, or absolutely no taste. [CBS Sports]

God is an The Ohio State University fan. [Lost Lettermen]

What's the difference between and a good and bad fan? [Black Hearts Gold Pants]

And finally...

NBC's 'Revolution' is moving their home filming base to Austin. [Texas Monthly]