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Texas Monthly Releases New "Top 50 BBQ Joints"

After five years "The List" is back.

Friends, yesterday Texas Monthly released a new "Top 50 BBQ Joints" list. Every five years or so the magazine revamps its ratings of Texas BBQ restaurants, and this edition is right on schedule with the last rankings dropping sometime in 2008.

Per the Texas Monthly website, this year's list includes only 18 places that made the 2008 cut, so there are a multitude of new BBQ joints for y'all to sample as you travel about this great state. Texas Monthly lays out its methodology for their rankings, so I'll let you read that there.

The Texas Monthly Top 50 has always been somewhat of a bible to me for where to find the best BBQ in this State, and this year's list is another great example of that. The rankings include some of the classic staples that we've discussed on these boards like Cooper's in Llano and Kreutz's Market in Lockhart, but this year there are some very notable omissions as well as some surprising additions.

The list can be found here.

Consider this your open thread to discuss the new rankings. I'm curious about y'all's thoughts on this updated list, and I look forward to discussion and debate in the comments.

Edit: TM has updated the website and bolded the top four BBQ joints in the state. The top four, in no particular order, are Franklin's in Austin, Pecan Lodge in Dallas, Snow's in Lexington, and Louis Mueller in Taylor, with Franklin's taking the number one overall spot. The list with reviews for all 50 restaurants will be available to subscribers online next Wednesday.