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Daily Round Up: May 15-16, 2013

We're back!

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We're back!

Texas needs offensive balance a magic fix for defense. [ESPN BIg 12 Blog]

Rick Barnes faces an uphill battle. [CBS Sports]

Big 12

Baylor is a well-oiled machine when it comes to quarterbacks. [Waco Tribune]

The entire Big 12 baseball tournament will be televised by Fox. [Big 12 Sports]

There would be some interesting football match ups in a Big 12-SEC challenge. [ESPN]

Open Range

Thanks to their network, the Big Ten is rolling in cash. [USA Today]

ACC coaches favor having the coaches' poll be a part of the college football selection process. [ESPN]

Penn St did not appreciate the SI article trashing their athlete's medical care. [ESPN]

Nick Saban is a beloved figure in the SEC. [USA Today]

And finally...

Bill LIttle writes about the life of George Sauer. [Texas Sports]