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Case McCoy headed on 10-week mission trip

Is the trip a sign that the back-up quarterback could transfer?

Darren Carroll

Transfer rumors have surrounded Texas Longhorns senior quarterback Case McCoy ever since it became apparent after the 2011 Holiday Bowl that junior David Ash was destined to be the Texas starting quarterback of the future.

News of McCoy heading on an extended trip that will last up until fall camp begins has once again increased speculation:

While the nature of the trip is far beyond reproach, it does raise questions about what McCoy sees as his role moving forward. And what Texas coaches see as the nature of his role moving forward.

Two years after Ash was set back by not receiving any repetitions in summer 7-on-7 work, the absence of McCoy could end up being a major benefit for the development of young quarterbacks on the roster like redshirt freshmen Jalen Overstreet and Connor Brewer, as well as early enrollee Tyrone Swoopes, who now have a chance to receive more of the crucial reps that will help them improve as quarterbacks. It could even enable Swoopes to move past him on the depth chart.

And McCoy probably doesn't need the repetitions, either. Right now, he is what he is -- a capable back up with some major mechanical deficiencies and an unwillingness to accept some of his personal limitation, most notably in throwing out routes, as evidenced by the two interceptions he threw against Kansas State that were nearly taken back for touchdowns and sparked a petulant response after the game from McCoy when he noted that he's been making those throws since he was three years old.

McCoy also has some options should be choose to leave Texas -- he graduated this spring and would therefore be eligible to play immediately at the FBS level if he enrolled in a graduate program not offered at Texas. A redshirt year also remains available to him.

If nothing else, this does seem to be a sign that McCoy is acknowledging his diminished role in the Longhorn offense, even if he does end up returning for his senior season.