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Daily Round Up: Thursday, May 23, 2013

Who is the most indispensable player?

Who is the Horns most indispensable player? [ESPN Big 12 Blog]

The college football season kickoff is less than 100 days away [ESPN] and the season can't get here soon enough. [ESPN]

Is a D1 split from the NCAA inevitable? [SI]

Where have all the fullbacks gone? [Football Perspective]

You know the horrible off-season will really end when you get a pre-order notice for Dave Campbell's Texas Football. [DCTF]

Here is the 2013-2014 college football bowl schedule. [CBS Sports]

Just fyi. There is now an East Texas Sports Network. [ETSN]

The dancing stylings of Mike Gundy. [@cuppycup]

And finally...

Shameless plug coming. Our very own Kevin McCrea is up for Dallas Magazine's Best of Big D family photographer this year. Please vote for him. [D Magazine]

Here's a great way to help Moore, Oklahoma. [Texas Monthly]