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The BON Authors are pretty embarrassed about the state of affairs at Bellmont. Are you?

Erich Schlegel
Recently I witnessed the Iraqi Information Minister of LHN, aka Lowell Galindo, doing what I can only guess you could call curls with some chains and thought to myself, "wow, that has got to be the saddest commentary yet on the current state of UT Athletics."

But my fellow BON authors have told me that's far from the worst they've seen.

A.J. Hooper- I told some friends about the articles saying Texas has a shot at the Big 12 title. Their response? Everyone just laughed.

Sumedh- "I didn't know we won a national championship in 2005!" -- woman sitting next to Wescott and I at the open practices this Spring.

Curry- This morning when I found out that I was blocked by Coach Brown after tweeting him a question after the OU game about how much they practiced defense.

How about you?

So as we suffer through yet another insufferable off-season awaiting the start of what we pray will be a resurgent football season, why not give misery some more company with commentary, signs and other circumstantial evidence that UT Athletics truly has hit rock bottom.

-post from Cory