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Daily Round Up: Frday, May 3, 2013

The SEC Network is here!

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The Horns are working on special teams. [ESPN]

Corey Knebel is one of the finalists for the Golden Spikes Award. [Dallas Morning News]

Open Range

This goes on forever.

The SEC Network is here. [ESPN]

The most wonderful conference in the land proved they are the best! [Business of College Sports]

The questions about distribution have already started. [Yahoo Sports]

Steve Spurrier says what everyone else is thinking. [Yahoo Sports]

The NCAA can abandon athletes if they get hurt. [The Atlantic]

Some Oregonians are not happy about Chip Kelly's cut and run. [Daily Emerald]

Jason Collins has received a gospel of hate. [Fox Sports]

More criticism may come Collins' way. [Fox Sports]

Is Collins the Jackie Robinson of 2013? [Washington Post]

The most exciting two minutes in sports.

Who are the favorites to win the Kentucky Derby? [SB Nation]

Shug McGaughey, Orb's trainer, is still waiting for his big win in Louisville. [Yahoo Sports]

Mint juleps are expensive. [USA Today]

And finally...

And just what will run on the SEC Network during the off-season? [SB Nation]