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Daily Round Up: Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sally knows the spread.

Sally Brown has some great ideas about the spread offense. [Barking Carnival]

The Horns have 33-1 odds of winning the BCS championship. [Dallas Morning News]

Texas guard Javan Felix needs to emerge. [ESPN]

Big 12

For Big 12 football, there's Bedlam at the top. [SB Nation]

The Mountaineer's D-line should be their strength this year. [WVU Sports]

It pains me to say this, but Bob Stoops is a good guy. [CBS Sports]

Baylor sets their new uniforms to music. [Yahoo Sports]

Open Range

Conference commissioners and athletic directors may not be eligible for the college football playoff committee. [Sporting News]

A college basketball player comes out. [Out Sports]

Sports journalism students at Columbia have profiles of some of the 4000 former NFL players involved in the lawsuit. [Columbia Sports Journalism]

Why is Rutgers trapped in a bad cycle of scandal and crisis? [The Nation]

Rutgers spent $70,000 on a background check before hiring current AD Julie Hermann. [APP]

One of Julie Hermann's former players writes about her experience and why she spoke up. [Erin Zammett Rudy]

The Charlie Weis buyout could cost Notre Dame 19 million. [SB Nation]

The Paterno family is suing the NCAA. [CBS Sports]

Sports welfare dies hard. [Sports On Earth]

This basketball fanbase sports analysis is just dead wrong. [CBS Sports]

Social media is the new drug of choice for college athletes. [Business of College Sports]

Keep up with all the college football coaches on Twitter. [SB Nation]

Never ask a dog to pick a winner when there's bacon around. [Deadspin]

And finally...

Everyone should do yoga every day. It's good for you.