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Daily Round Up: Friday, May 31, 2013

Texas Softball Wins!

We are still winning in some sports. [Texas Alcalde]

Congrats to the Longhorn softball team! [KXAN]

Big 12

The conference has added an extra official to this year's football officiating crews. [Barking Carnival]

There are no expansion plans. [WVU Illustrated]

The Alamo Bowl seems to the conference bowl of choice. [ESPN]

The Cyclones won an award for their grass. [Des Moines Register]

The glory days of TCU football. [Frogs O' War]

Open Range

Can a former Miami player sue the NCAA for extortion? [Business of College Sports]

This has to be the dumbest NCAA violation ever. [CBS Sports]

And the nominees are...Who should be chosen to serve on the new college football playoff committee? [AAS]

We should be thrilled this guy is not UT's president. [ESPN]

"What makes us different? We play in the woods," he said. "It's totally different. We ain't nothing like Houston, and we ain't s--- like Dallas. You've got kids who grow up tough and don't know nothing but football. It's live, eat, die, pray football."

East Texas football is like no other. [ESPN]