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Daily Round Up: Thursday, May 9, 2013

Texas is at the top of the revenue heap once again.

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Texas commit Cypress Falls (Houston) outside linebacker Otaro Alaka.

Once again, Texas is at the top of athletic department revenue for 2012. [USA Today]

The new medical school calls for the eventual demolition of the Erwin Center. [Alcalde]

Big 12

Kliff Kingsbury has a message for his players about off-season workouts. [Twitpic]

TCU and Minnesota will be playing a home-and-home series in 2014 and 2015. [Star Tribune]

What Big 12 football players have a shot at a breakout season? [Dallas Morning News]

Open Range

The Texas Legislature has approved a public school pilot program where parents can buy supplemental insurance for concussions. [The Republic]

Here's your way-too-early bowl predictions. [CBS Sports]

Can The Ohio State University end the SEC title streak? [SI]

Character counts, even in the College Football Hall of Fame. [Dallas Morning News]

SEC coaching salaries rise faster than instructors at the same school. [SI]

There's an entitlement problem in elite high school basketball. [ESPN]

Jason Collins has an ally in Denver Nugget Kenneth Faried. [ESPN]

It is tough to be Nick Saban. [Atlanta Business Journal]

Tim Tebow's fans are one of his main problems. [CBS Sports]

Great planning. The Aggies will wait to figure out parking after they have expanded their stadium. [Dallas Morning News]