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Texas Longhorns football: 5Dimes set season win total at 9.5

The recently-released betting lines provide another insight into how oddsmakers feel about the 'Horns this season.


Projected as the Big 12's top team by the simulations from Football Outsiders' Brian Fremeau and favored by Vegas in every game but the Cotton Bowl against Oklahoma, the Texas Longhorns could once again be the class of the Big 12 this season.

Sports book 5Dimes released over/unders for win totals this season and the projection there gives -150 odds on the over and +110 odds on the under. Meanwhile, Oklahoma sits at 9.5 as well, with +160 on the over and -210 on the under, so this particular sports book is quite a bit higher on the 'Horns than the Sooners. Lines for other teams, like fellow Big 12 contenders Oklahoma State and TCU, have not yet been released.

And, of course, betting lines are more about sparking some action than trying to provide a dead-on prediction, but the lean here seems to be towards nine wins.

In breaking down the schedule, Texas has the potential to lose games against BYU, Ole Miss, Kansas State, Oklahoma, TCU, Oklahoma State, and Baylor, but should be able to win most of the other games based on sheer talent and experience. But with seven games that could go either way, it's not hard to see the Longhorns losing three or four games this season, both numbers that would likely increase the already substantial pressure on head coach Mack Brown.

So the question is, Texas fans, how many games will the 'Horns win in the regular season and what is the greatest number of losses that would be acceptable for Brown to keep his job? What if Texas wins every other game but loses to Oklahoma again?