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Texas WRs Cayleb Jones and Kendall Sanders suspended, reinstated to team

The punishments for the two wide receivers who were arrested this spring were made public on Monday.

Cooper Neill

Texas Longhorns head coach Mack Brown spoke with the media on Monday and revealed the suspensions for sophomore wide receivers Cayleb Jones and Kendall Sanders, who will both sit out the first game against New Mexico State, but have been reinstated to the team and will participate in summer activities.

Jones had felony assault charges reduced to a misdemeanor earlier this spring after an incident in downtown Austin in which he allegedly punched a Texas tennis player who was dating a volleyball player Jones had previously dated. The incident, as reported, was certainly an ugly one that displayed some poor decision-making on the part of the Austin High product, who could become another deep threat to pair with senior Mike Davis if he can maximize his talent and put himself in a position to show off his phenomenal hands and ball skills.

Expectations for the suspension, even after the charges were reduced, were still in the range of three games, so the punishment for Jones was rather less than anticipated.

Meanwhile, Sanders was arrested for a DUI in College Station back in early May. He scored a touchdown in the spring game after recording only two catches as a freshman and is still expected to emerge as a playmaker for the Longhorns this fall, as long as his blocking effort and results progress to the extent that he can be effective on the perimeter in that regard. Based on his spring game results, he needs to show some improvement in that area.

Both will be crucial pieces to the 2013 wide receiver corps and were reinstated after satisfactorily completing other private punishments handed down by the coaching staff.