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Texas Longhorns football: Mack Brown's summer press conference

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The Texas head coach held forth for nearly an hour on Monday.


Horns_bullet_mediumBrown updates injuries. Between the end of the season and the end of spring practice, the Longhorns suffered a number of injuries, but the good news is that Brown said Monday that none of them will keep players from missing the start of training camp in August, which feels ever so much closer on the day of Brown's summer press conference, though it is still two months away.

Senior defensive end Jackson Jeffcoat should be fully cleared, but Brown indicated that junior offensive tackle Josh Cochran may still be limited at the start of fall practice after suffering his broken ankle. And Brown didn't disclose the details, but sophomore offensive lineman Garrett Greenlea will be taking a medical redshirt this season as a result of an injury, but will help coach. His future in the program is probably in jeopardy at this point after a disappointing start to his career.

Horns_bullet_mediumJalen Overstreet switching positions, kind of. One of the hot topics during the spring was about the future of redshirt freshman Jalen Overstreet at the quarterback position, with plenty of speculation about his possible landing spot. The spring game didn't reveal much about his passing ability, but it did confirm his obvious athleticism and on Monday, Mack Brown revealed that while Overstreet will still take some reps at the quarterback position, he'll also be working out at a running back/wide receiver position this spring that Brown compared to sophomore Daje Johnson's role, specifically citing the speed sweep as an area where Overstreet could contribute.

There are several layers to this move, one of the most significant of which is the fact that Overstreet realizes his path to getting on the field just got much more complicated at the quarterback position with Swoopes passing him on the depth chart. As a result, he's amenable to the move and with depth at running back a serious issue entering the season, finding ways to get him the football and utilize his speed makes a ton of sense for both Overstreet and the team.

Horns_bullet_mediumMcCoy expected back. One topic of discussion was the 10-week mission trip upon which Case McCoy departed that will keep him from working out with the team during the summer. Brown didn't completely confirm that the senior quarterback will be a part of the 2013 team, merely saying that he "expects" McCoy to rejoin the team for the start of fall practice.

As expected, Brown wasn't worried about McCoy missing summer reps, noting that the young quarterbacks like Tyrone Swoopes and Connor Brewer will benefit from the extra work, and said that he wasn't worried about McCoy staying in shape.

What about the back-up position that has become hotly-contested with the emergence of Swoopes during the spring? Brown said that McCoy would hold that title if the season were to start tomorrow, engaging in a hypothetical the Texas head coach would typically avoid. But if Swoopes improves as much during the summer as he did between the end of his senior season and the end of the spring, it's going to be hard for the coaches to keep McCoy in that role.

Horns_bullet_mediumThe ever-wasted conversation. Co-offensive coordinator Major Applewhite would call this a wasted conversation, but the leadership talk around quarterback David Ash hasn't died down yet and it was a topic of conversation on Monday.

Brown used an anecdote from a team meeting on Sunday evening to illustrate what he perceives as Ash's progress:

The thing we are seeing now, he's becoming a confident leader, and he's pulling kids in. Even in the team meeting last night, they all came back last night and he was up front, high-fiving them and talking to guys. He's definitely at a different place than he was. He is the guy on offense that's running the team. He is the quarterback. We are not in here talking about who is going to be the quarterback now for the first time in the last two years, and I think that puts him in a lot better place with the other kids.

During the summer, when it's the responsibility of the quarterback to organize team activities for 7-on-7, that type of outgoing leadership becomes even more important.

It's an area that has probably been over-evaluated already, but Ash's time spent with Vince Young talking about leadership and the fact that he knows this is his team are probably legitimately making the differences behind the scenes that Brown is selling to the public.

Horns_bullet_mediumMiscellany. Brown said that Shiro Davis is up to 247 pounds now. If he has kept all of his speed, that's going to be a lethal combination...Donald Hawkins was mentioned as a player who could slide in to guard if Desmond Harrison arrives as advertised, but Brown ruled out such a move for Cochran...Brown claims that there is no pecking order for the running backs, even though it was Gray who started with the first team in open practices and the spring game...Despite the reported offer out to 2017 Louisiana running back/linebacker Dylan Moses, Brown claimed that the 'Horns aren't recruiting any freshmen. Which may technically be true because Moses just finished middle school.