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Daily Round Up: Thursday, July 11, 2013

So many questions today...

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Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images
Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Is Mack Brown a younger version of Bobby Bowden? [Sporting News]

Is Texas an angry team? [Coaching Search]

Why is Connor Brewer transferring [ESPN] and what does it mean for Texas? [Barking Carnival]

Has the death of the Daily Texan has been greatly exaggerated? [Daily Texan]

Big 12

For Kliff Kingsbury it is all about substance. [SI]

The Mountaineers are officially off probation. [Charleston Gazette]

Another Big 12 representative takes another swipe at the SEC. [SB Nation]

I hope these two kids never reproduce. The kid that robbed the Stoops' residence? His girlfriend just tried to break him out of juvenile detention and it didn't end well. [NBC Sports]

Open Range

Why isn't college baseball more popular? [Business of College Sports]

Texas high school football influenced the careers of June Jones and Hal Mumme. [CBS Sports]

The state of Pennsylvania will not appeal the rejection of its suit against the NCAA. [Yahoo Sports]

Is the SEC the villain of college football? [Saturday Down South]

Does anyone see a problem with this? The NCAA is a non-profit organization and the president made 1.7 million last year. [USA Today]

The NFL wants more fans in the locker rooms. [WSJ]

Athletes need to mind their Ps and Qs while tweeting. [Kansas City Star]

ESPNW knows how to portray women athletes in advertising. [AdWeek]

And finally...

Work makes you miserable. [WSJ] But that's why you do have BON to read every day...