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Future Longhorns in Indiana? No Excuses University Might Make it Happen.

No Excuses University focuses on preparing each and every student for college.


Dear readers,

We don't ask for your assistance very often, but occasionally we at BON run across a cool effort that we think could use your help. Recently, I stumbled upon just such a project. It is something called "No Excuses University."

As a first step to help motivate students to prepare for college, each kindergarten class in a particular Aurora, Indiana elementary school adopts a university. One teacher, Trisha Glaub, made an excellent choice -- The University of Texas. Now she can use our help. I will allow Trisha to explain:

Hello, my name is Trisha Glaub. I am a kindergarten teacher at a small school in Southeastern Indiana called Manchester Elementary School. Manchester Elementary School participates in a program called No Excuses University. In this initiative, each classroom teacher adopts a four-year college and introduces age appropriate information about college. At Manchester Elementary School, we believe that all students have the right to be prepared for college, and that preparation begins in kindergarten.

I have selected The University of Texas as my college. By surrounding my kindergarten students with collegiate spirit, I hope to create excitement about learning, college, and their future. I would like to surround my students with college symbolism in their daily lives by displaying University of Texas posters, banners, and flags.

Throughout the summer, I have been sending e-mails trying to contact someone affiliated with The University of Texas to make my vision for my classroom a reality. In the process of sending these e-mails, I stumbled upon a Facebook group called the Cincinnati Texas Exes. I joined the group and wrote to the group members to tell them about No Excuses University and my hope for getting donations. Within 3 hours, someone from Burnt Orange Nation contacted me. His idea was simple, but great: let's appeal to the readers of the blog to see if anyone would be willing to help. In turn, I would take pictures and write to the blog to show you how your donations are being used.

In my previous years teaching, I tried to educate my students on the importance of random acts of kindness. I believe that all acts of kindness are inherently wonderful, but there is something even more special about showing kindness to a person you have never met. On Amazon, I have set up a public wish list. In it, you will see different items that I would use to fill my classroom. I am so hopeful that in 2025, The University of Texas will have a few Longhorns from my classroom! Thank you in advance for your generosity!

Trisha Glaub

How we can help

In order to make donating as simple as possible, Trisha has set up an Amazon wish list of items. You can find it by following this link. Should you choose to purchase an item for Trisha's class, things are set up to allow you to ship it directly to her school in Indiana.

When you go to check out after selecting your purchase, you will be given the option to ship directly to Trisha's classroom, as illustrated in the image below.


Thanks in advance for any help you can give. I will make sure Trisha teaches her class The Eyes of Texas.

Hook 'em.