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KSU's Tre Walker: Texas "laid down"

The Wildcat linebacker doesn't think much of the competitive spirit for the Longhorns.


The Kansas State Wildcats generally take on the personality of their head coach -- tough, disciplined, and conservative. On Monday, however, senior linebacker Tre Walker made waves at Big 12 Media Days when he dropped a rather blunt comment about the Texas Longhorns:

Well, that and lose to Kansas State -- the Wildcats have now won five in a row against Texas, including winning going away last year and blowing out the 'Horns in 2010. As many fans probably know, the last victory for head coach Mack Brown against Kansas State came in 2003, now a decade ago.

Walker himself made 52 tackles last season, not a particularly impressive number, but one of his best games did come against the Longhorns, as he racked up nine tackles in the 42-24 victory.

Given Kansas State ownership over Texas, it's hard to find much fault in what Walker says. In fact, the best part about it isn't just that he impugns their competitiveness, but when he adds that it's not really a big deal in terms of what it says about the Longhorns -- it's just what they do. How they are. A natural and accepted part of the universe.

Not sure if any reporters asked Oklahoma players if Texas did the same thing in the Cotton Bowl the last two seasons. Clearly they were politic in their answers if they were, but behind the scenes, it would hardly be surprising if they felt the same way. They definitely feel the same way.

Brown thinks the Longhorns just need a little more luck ($): "We've got to be good enough, and we've got to be lucky. We haven't had much luck lately. I'm ready for some luck to go our way."

There's no question that luck plays a role with every successful team, but Texas could make their own luck by being a tougher football team this season. To hear Tre Walker tell it, at least. Playing the victim doesn't exactly help convince people of your competitive instincts.

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