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Daily Round Up: Tuesday, July 30. 2013

32 days.

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Mack Brown is one of college football's most intriguing coaches. [Yahoo Sports]

There is a QB competition between Good Ash and Bad Ash. [San Antonio Express-News]

Mack has a new buzz word. [ESPN Big 12 Blog]

We have our very own countdown. [Horns Countdown]

Are big changes coming to the Texas basketball program? [SI]

Nick Saban to Texas? [Blatant Homerism]

Ricky Williams wants to inspire kids with his own life. [USA Today]

Big 12

Offensive tempo is the name of the game this year. [Charleston Daily Mail]

Will the Sooners struggle this season? [CBS Sports video]

Oklahoma's offensive line will be a little heavier this season. [NewsOK]

Poke receiver Josh Stewart was built for the spread offense. [NewsOK]

West Virginia is acclimating to the Big 12. [NewsOK]

What Baylor players are under the radar? [ESPN Big 12 Blog]

Gary Patterson is using fans to help spread his message on Twitter. [Dallas Morning News]

Bob Stoops will be around until at least 2020. [Crimson and Cream Machine]

Student-athletes live just like everyone else on campus. [NewsOK]

Why does the conference have fewer neutral-site games? [NewsOK]

Open Range

What will happen to other conferences if a super level is formed for college athletics? [Tulsa World]

The five power conferences could change college football entirely. [Sporting News]

Malcolm Gladwell compared football to dog fighting. [The Wiz of Odds]

Here are some 2013 conference predictions. [CBS Sports]

There is a way to fix the NCAA. [Washington Post]

Stanford coach David Shaw is more concerned with raising graduation rates than with paying players. [CBS Sports]

Here's a macro analysis of the hurry up offense on defenses. [SB Nation]

How did the SEC become the most successful organization in college sports history? [Forbes]

The Texas High School Coaches Association addresses third party recruiting. [Houston Chronicle]

I wonder how the Paterno family will respond to this? [AP]

Players know the risk where concussions are concerned. [Inside Texas]

What would we do without the entertainment value of SEC players and their loads of cash? [SB Nation]

The Agricultural and Mechanical Department

ESTABLISHMENT OF UNIVERSITY; AGRICULTURAL AND MECHANICAL DEPARTMENT. The legislature shall as soon as practicable establish, organize and provide for the maintenance, support and direction of a University of the first class, to be located by a vote of the people of this State, and styled, "The University of Texas," for the promotion of literature, and the arts and sciences, including an Agricultural, and Mechanical department. - Texas Constitution

Kevin Sumlin has a great sense of humor. [San Antonio Express-News]

Ryan Swope is retiring from football because of concussion issues. [KTXS]

Johnny Football needs a PR overhaul. [ESPN]

The LHN's biggest fan sends a letter. [Good Bull Hunting]